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Technology Changes Your Brain

Technology changes the way your brain works. But so does everything else.
We can’t read properly anymore, our memories are fading, we don’t know the stuff that we used to and we don’t talk to each other.At least, that's what they say.
So what’s technology really doing to us? Are smartphones, computers and the internet making us dumber?

Well, maybe. But perhaps there’s an alternative, and less alarming, way of looking at things.
We change with or without technology We all change and grow. Our bodies and our brains change over time. And, mostly, this is for the better because we are adapting to new circumstances.

Your brain is the most complex thing we know of. Billions of neurons each with myriad connections to others — it’s an amazingly complex organ.

And everything you do — everything — affects its structure and those connections. If you learn a new skill that learning process is your brain adapting. If you do something over and over, it eventually becomes automatic — anot…

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